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5 Reasons To Choose FRP Doors

If you are confused about choosing the best type of door then just give your few minutes to this blog which is here for your happy experience helping you to make a wise choice..!

The design for the entrance door or the interior door is an important part of the design process. The material that is used for fabricating the door is not only responsible to give an aesthetic look but is the key factor that determines the strength, durability and ease of maintenance of the doors. Therefore, Fiber Reinforced Polymer doors, often referred as FRP doors, are designed to simulate the look of wood, are stronger and are becoming an absolute substitute for wooden doors. In this blog, will show you 5 reasons why one should choose FRP Doors!

1. Cost-Effective & Maintenance Free

FRP doors practically requires no maintenance. The best part is that they have a smooth surface, which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, these doors have a very long live without fading of color and requires no repainting over regular intervals unlike PVC, wooden or metallic door. Plus FRP doors save expenses on labour and installation.

2. Long Life Span

FRP doors are very tough and resistant to extreme weathering conditions. They has great potential in further maximizing the longevity of existing as well as new structures that can resist the harsh effects of weather, degradation, and aging in severe environments as a result it retains the same luster, strength and rigidity over a very long period.

3. Extremely Resistant To Corrosion, Rot & Termites.

Excellent water and chemical resistance. FRP doors do not get affected by moisture, even in an excessively damp environment. They won’t rust like hollow metal when exposed to water. Chemicals can discolor stainless steel and aluminum but usually don’t affect FRP. Another advantage is that these doors do not rust or warp in the presence of moisture. Unlike wood, they do not contract or expand in the presence of moisture and don’t become a food for termites.

4. Efficient Service

FRP doors are tough, light weight & scratch proof hence easy to handle, transport & install at site. They have good electrical & thermal properties, great aesthetic appeal. Also available in a wide range of colours and designs. FRP doors are seamless in construction, resistant to mold. FRP doors are lighter than aluminum or steel, but notably stronger.

5. An Environmental Friendly Option

FRP doors help in saving the environment, they last for many years, hence, don’t face frequent replacement leading to more doors in landfills. The fact that there is no need to paint them is also eco-friendly, as are their insulating properties. FRP doors consumes less energy and produces less greenhouse effects when being recycled.

Therefore, Fibre Reinforced Polymer has become as the modern day door material owing to its superiority in terms of its characteristics & properties. One can easily comprehend the usefulness of this material from the above mentioned properties.

EP Kamat Group recognizes the immense potential in making such durable structural systems. EPEE FRP Doors are the best substitute to traditional doors. To know more about our FRP Doors, check out our website or contact us! We are always looking forward to help you get the best.

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